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“Morning bloggers” Do you know what the trades are? If not, you should come down the Sandwick Academy and participate in the many activities such as plumbing, carpentry, drywall, electrical and cement pouring. If you are into hands on work and do not like sitting at a desk all day then this is the place for you.

My class and I went to the Academy and we learned about how to do stuff with our hands like carpentry, drywall, plumbing, electrical and cement pouring. The two activities I participated in were electrical and cement. In cement my group and I had to mix the cement in the mixer, pour the cement into the mould and then smooth it out. We also got to write our names in it. The activity that I wanted to do the most was plumbing because I saw the other groups and they got to use a blowtorch.

Somethings that I did not like about the field trip were that we did not get to do all of the activities. I think if we didn’t have to go to school in the morning then we would have been able to stay at the each station longer and would have had time to do all of the activities.

By Liam Walsh





Well,I’ll tell you what the heck cuneiform is. Cuneiform was the very first form of writing used by an ancient civilization called the  Mesopotamians. The Mesopotamians lived in the area where modern Iraq is found. Cuneiform first started out as  pictographs (pictures). The pictographs were not used for a letter like we do now a days there were more like syllables . The earliest recording of cuneiform dated back to 8,000 B.C.

Cuneiform was written on a thing called a tablet. The tablet was a slab of clay or stone. The Mesopotamians wrote cuneiform with a reed stylus with a wedged shaped tip so it was easy to make imprints on the clay. In the early stages of cuneiform there were over 1,000 different symbols but later on in the number of symbols depleted to about 400.

In class we started to make our very own cuneiform tablets. First we went out in to the forest with my teacher, her husband and their two dogs to make the styluses. We cut so of the branches of trees down then carved them into the wedged shape point. Then we went back to the classroom and started to make our tablets out of clay. My tablet shows some of the things I like such as soccer, money, lamas and food. After we finished making our tablets our teacher put them in the kiln to harden.

I think that if cuneiform was never invented then civilization as we know it could be completely different. The reason being is because we might not have had the same type of communication skills as we have today. I was wondering if you had any questions about cuneiform? If so leave it in the comments.  

Here is a picture of my cuneiform tablet:








Thanks Liam.





Hi Bloggers,

I was wondering if you have a favorite object at school? I like the soccer ball because I am very active. Another reason why I like the soccer ball is because you can do a lot with the ball like juggling and catching it in weird place’s. The soccer ball also helps me feel better because if I am sad or mad then it helps me feel better.

85/365: In Soccer We Trust...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Abdulrahman AlZe3bi. via Compfight

The last thing I have to say about the soccer ball is that the soccer ball is found pretty much anywhere in the world. Even though the soccer ball in Africa may not look as nice as the one in Europe never the less it is still a soccer ball.

Thanks Liam.

I was wondering if you had a favorite sport? I like soccer and here is my idea of the top three soccer players of 2012.

I think the best player is Lionel Messi. He was born in Argentina on January 24, 1987. He currently plays for Barcelona

Number two I think the second best player of 2012 is Christiano Ronaldo. He was born in Portugal on February 5, 1985. He currently plays for Real Madrid.

Number three I think the third best soccer player of 2012 is Ronaldiho de Assis Moreira. He was born in Brazil on March 21, 1980. He currently plays for AC Milan.

Here is a cool video of Ronaldiho and it shows you why he is the third best player in the world.


I hope you liked my post and if you have anything to say please leave a comment thanks Liam.


Do you have a favorite animal?

I like Tasmanian Devils because even though they are small they can still defend themselves very well. Another reason why I like them so much is because they like to sleep all day like me.  Do you have a favorite animal that acts like you?

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Adam Tibballs via CompfightTassie devil

Most people don’t know very much about Tasmanian devils because they are close to extinction because of a devastating disease that killed more than 90% of the population. Another reason why I like the Tasmanian Devil is because it is really cute and furry. So now that I’ve told you about my favorite animal I would like to hear about yours.

Thanks, Liam

Remembrance Day poem

Blood, screams and pain
this is what I, the Unknown Soldier, have felt, heard and seen
No hope it seems,
Mortars coming my way fear is the only sense I seem to have.

The horror of dead friends is unbearable.
I, the Unknown Soldier, have seen all and felt all of the tragedies of war.
I was trapped in the trenches for years
crammed in next to my comrades.
The sad part about the war is as well as the bullets, mortars and gas you also have to think about the rats, weather and disease.
I, The Unknown Soldier,
I am one of the lucky ones even though my grave has no name on it at least I have a grave.

Over 27 500 dead canadian soldiers have no grave.
Bullets ping and bounce all day and night making it almost impossible to sleep
to take the life of another person is unimaginable
even when you know that if you don’t take their life they will take yours.

I the Unknown Soldier did not have a choice to go to war or not the king made us fight, made us kill like we were animals.

So on November 11 don’t just think about me think about the thousands of others who passed away. I went to war I killed, cried and felt pain. Like many others, I died.

Remember me for I am the Unknown Soldier.
Photo Credit: jenny downinghippy hoppy poppy via Compfight

Worry Comic

 Hi bloggers, this is my very first real post. In class we made comics about worry and how to deal with it. I was wondering how you deal with worry.

 I hope you injoy my comic thank for reading it bye.

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